Lupin the IIIrd

Lupin the IIIrd

This is the overall game’s presentation of “Lupin the 3rd – the board game”© MP/T•N

I’ve done all graphics togheter with Dario Lazzari, except for the boards illustrations and characters colors wich are completely mine.

The game will be out in italian and with english rules also for the fans of the serie, in September-October 2011, from ghenos games

© Ghenos Games –
Author: Pierluigi Frumusa

3 comments on “Lupin the IIIrd
  1. Y2K says:

    Hello! My knowledge of English is limited to an online translator, but I will try to write clearly! I would really like to play the board game “Lupin the 3rd: Board Game”, but I can’t find it anywhere… I found 3 out of 4 locations on your site, but didn’t find the 4th one. Do you by any chance have the ability cards, rules, and item/vehicle tokens from the expansion (Lupin the 3rd: The Expansion #1) in a similar format for the game?

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