Belem and the Dragon

Belem and the Dragon



A piece I drew fast (4 hours initially) for a Portuguese professor that has done an article on my work for boardgames and asked if I could do a piece on Portugal. So I draw the Tower of Belem (with reference, both because It was not pratical to draw it without, and because I was full of other works and so I had to do the piece in a hurry), and a marauding dragon on it: it was a long time I wanted to do a piece on dragons.

In the end, I retook it for another 2-3 hours of corrections to correct the left wing and refine a bit more the dragon (since I had not the time to detail the dragon initially).

Anyway, enjoy it, I had fun painting my first dragon, and while I’m satisfied on how his head comed out, I will surely do better the next time!

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